Le Tonle Cafe is now open.

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Le Tonle Cafe is now open.

While our restaurant may be closed, please come and join us for a relaxing tea or coffee in our new garden-cafe.

CRDT singed a subcontract agreement implementation with Swisscontact Cambodia.

On February 1st, 2018 CRDT and Swisscontact Cambodia under the Skills Development Programme (SDP) signed a subcontract agreement   to deliver the hospitality training programme to 120 disadvantaged youth in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces.The training programme consists of a three month full time training at Le Tonle, traineeship with hospitality enterprise in Kratie town, a one-month pre-employment support and a six-month post training support.

Le Tonle is recruiting 60 trainees for the second training intake started from April to June, 2018.

Le Tonle team starts working to raise awareness of local communities in Kratie and Stung Treng about the hospitality training under Skill Development Programme. At the same time, Le Tonle also work closely with commune and village chiefs to identify potential candidates to participate in the training.

Mango season, enjoy your mango smoothies and the mango and avocado salad with passion fruit sauce. Our team has developed special food and drink menu featuring local mango. The passionate mango smoothie helps to shoothe your nerve during this hot weather. Our mango and avocado salad is made fresh with passion fruit sauce dressing. The mixed and reach flavor of this salad will make you love tropical mango more and more.

CRDT Tours- A successful Tour

This month, CRDT Tour has organized an “Environmental Education Tour” Around Cambodia During 3 weeks, 9 environmental science students, from Australia, had discovered Cambodia through NGO meetings, visiting tourists sites and discussion. We had received good services about this, and we’re really happy this tours was a success for everyone:

“Can’t say enough things about our experience with CRDT.” Said Francis.

“To anyone who is interested in getting a better understanding of life in Cambodia.” Said Luke

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