Visa Prices rise in Cambodia from October 1

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An important announcement came yesterday from Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperations, with regards to entry visas for international visitors. The statement, issues 14th of August announced fee increases for both T-Type and E-Type visas. From the 1st of October 2014, entry visas will rise as follows:

  • T-Type entry visa will rise from US$20 to US$30

  • E-Type entry visa will rise from US$25 to US$35

Click here to read the announcement

Yet to be confirmed is whether the T-Type e-visa – an electronic pre-authorised visa availble from the MFAIC’s e-visa website – will also increase. We would expect the e-visa price will also be updated prior to October 1.

Le Tonlé kindly advises all visitors to ensure that this price rise is taken into account when planning your travel in Cambodia.


Remember that the T-Type visa is a 30 day tourist visa which can be renewed once only, for an additional 30 days. The E-Type visa is an ordinary visa, often referred to as a “business visa”. The E-Type visa allows employment and is renewable for up to 12 months at a time.

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