Cooking Contest: Another Challenge

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After carried out food contest last week, another challenge in cooking course is made to enhance students’ competency. A group of 3 students were asked to select 3 type of vegetable and 1 type of meat from different folded paper. After getting all vegetable and meat (200g each), they have to prepare as much as food courses they can. The time allowed is 90 mn. The result is over expected because every group can make at least 3 different dishes from what they have. Here are the result list:

Group A1 get cucumber, carrot, potato and pork. Their dishes are: 1) Cucumber and carrot salad, 2) French Fries, 3) Fried potato and carrot with pork and 4) Fried pork.

Group A2 get cucumber, carrot, potato and chicken. Their dishes are: 1) French Fries 2) Cucumber and carrot salad 3) Deep fried chicken and 4) Fried chicken with carrot, cucumber and potato.

Group B1 get Chinese bok choy, Chinese Kale, carrot and chicken. Their dishes are: 1) Fried Chinese bok choy with sesame 2) Fried Chinese kale with oyster sauce 3) Fried Chinese bok choy, Chinese kale and carrot with chicken 4) Deep fried minced chicken with carrot and 5) Chicken soup with carrot and Chinese bok choy.

Group B2 get cucumber, carrot and string bean. Their dishes are: 1)  Fried rice with pork 2) Fried pork served with pickled cucumber and carrot and 3) Fried string bean with carrot.

Through this exercise students are able to work in team, make effective decision and put their creativity into practice.

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