Le Tonlé partner: CRDTours

Explore north-east Cambodia with a specialist community-based eco-tourism provider.

CRDTours is a specialist community-based eco-tourism (CBET) provider, giving rural communities the opportunity to improve their income through responsible tourism and allowing visitors an authentic travel experience.

A social enterprise of Cambodian Rural Development Team, CRDTours was established to strengthen the income earning potential of rural communities that work with CRDT through responsible tourism. CRDT helped established a home-stay program, tour guide and language training, and cooking teams, along with hand crafted tour itineraries that go far beyond the tourist trail, and into the heart of rural Cambodia’s warm, hospitable communities which help bring awareness to Cambodia’s culture, threatened biodiversity, and development challenges. Popular with university and corporate groups, families and backpackers alike, CRDTours is adept at customising experiences ranging from 1 day to a month. Connecting with the community, and being welcomed into family homes, visitors are able to participate in daily life that is completely authentic and help develop a mutual understanding, and gain a deeper understanding of ecologically sound community development work of CRDT.


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