End-Term exam at Le Tonlé

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The scholar year at Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center is almost finished and that means End-term exams! Part of these exams were one day of practical tests. The day was divided into 4 parts: housekeeping, reception, service and cooking.

For the housekeeping trainees, the objective was to perfectly clean the room and to create a welcoming and warming decoration to increase the attraction of the room.

For the reception exam, some members of the team and teachers pretended to be customers and invented specific requests or complained about the room to test the professionalism of the students. Despite the pressure and stress, the two apprentice receptionists did their best and succeed to meet the demands of their customers.

As a service exam, each one of the trainees had to set up a table, and prepare a cocktail. They had 30 minutes to complete the two different tasks before Mr. Pech, head trainers, checked their work.

Finally, a cooking contest has been organized to test the capacity of the trainees to create a recipe with imposed ingredients. 5 students, 5 ingredients: fish, seafood, chicken, beef and pork with a set of vegetables. After 1 hour of cooking, the students introduced to the judging panel their creation. The judging panel was composed of 2 customers, 2 teachers and 2 members of the staff. We ended with 12 different meals to taste, which were all very tasty and original. The jury selected the Top 5, and as a reward we decided to put these meals on the menu during a whole weekend. You can’t imagine how proud our students were!

This day represented a lot of stress for the students who were highly motivated to show their improvements and to do the best to satisfy their teachers. Fortunately, they all provided a lot of efforts to meet their teachers’ expectations and this day would stay in our mind as a good memory.

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