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Maly is our trainee in 2012 – 2013 school year. She took the “Reception & Front Office Work” for her elective course at the end of the training program. She is now working as a receptionist at a well known boutique hotel in Ban Lung town. Maly started her work soon after graduating from Le Tonle in October 2013.

In the early August, 2014 when the ” Reception & Front Office Work” elective course started in Le Tonle Kratie, Maly was invited to be a guest speaker for the class of 6 students. She brought several lesson learned and experiences from her work to the class. She mentioned that the elective course is very important to prepare her to be ready for the work. She has absorbed essential skills and knowledge from the course which help her to perform well in the job. Maly suggested the class to pay high attention in what has been taught because this is the bridge to be success in career field.

Finally, the question and answer session allowed students to identify the key challenges in the career of hotel receptionist and techniques to effectively work.

Maly is very appreciated to have spent one year with Le Tonle which help her to have a professional career today.

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