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Hello! My name is Samit. I was born in Kratie province and am now 21 years old. While a trainee, I hoped to get what I needed to achieve my dream – to get a good job after graduating. I came to learn the skills I needed in order to achieve my goals. Since graduating, I have been really happy because I’ve had the opportunity to work at Le Tonlé, which is now my second home. I am now a Le Tonlé kitchen assistant. I do always love cooking so much.

I am very happy because I have a job. I am committed to working hard and learning more from Le Tonlé in order to further develop my potential. I really appreciate working with the Le Tonlé team and I would like to thank CRDT and the Le Tonlé Center for giving me the chance.

My family is very happy to see what I have done at the Le Tonlé Center as my skills are growing through my job. Farewell, I would like thank you to all customers for kindly supporting our training cente

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