Le Tonlé’s award of certificates at the Ministry of Tourism

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We’re proud to announce that Le Tonlé has received a certificate of ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for Tourism Professionals from Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism.

In effect, on the 25th of July 2016, Le Tonlé’s team and CRDT Executive Director joined an exhibition at the Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism. This day represents an important step in the social enterprise’s journey.

First, it has been the occasion for Le Tonlé to officially receive its certificate of ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for Tourism Professionals from the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism. The MRA is an arrangement among ASEAN countries designed to facilitate the free movement and employment of qualified and certified personnel between ASEAN Member States. The objectives of the Arrangement are to facilitate mobility of Tourism Professionals, to exchange information on best practices in competency-based education and training for Tourism Professionals, and to provide opportunities for cooperation and capacity building across ASEAN Member States. The key to this arrangement is recognition of skills and qualifications of working tourism professionals from different ASEAN countries.asean-curriculum

Mr. Pha Pech, Head Trainer at Le Tonlé, has been working with the Ministry of Tourism for a long time to obtain this certificate: he joined trainings with the National Committee for Tourism Professionals such as National Master Trainer Food and Beverage Service Course in Siem Reap, and built a strong relationship with them to promote the work accomplished by Le Tonlé to provide vocational skills to disadvantaged youth of Northeast Cambodia.

Thanks to this certificate Le Tonlé is now allowed to use the ASEAN curriculum for its training programme and is part of the ASEAN Qualification Framework. This will enable the Training Centre to improve its graduate’s eligibility to work in other Member States and to be mobile workers.

Secondly, this exhibition was the opportunity for the Training Centre and CRDT to meet similar organizations and to create contacts. The public was welcomed to meet each other and to discuss their work.13728943_1111222538953155_8363459181928153724_n

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