Meet our former trainee who is now being employed by Le Tonle.

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Srey Vet was born in a farmer family in Smabo District, Kratie Province. She finished her high school diploma in 2016 but had no mean to continue higher education because of the the family’s economy situation. After enrolling with Le Tonle training, Srey Vet gained knowledge and skill in the two divisions of labour including food and beverage service and housekeeping. Being with Tonle, Srey Vet’s personal and professional have been developed which make her become more confidence and get an employment opportunity with Le Tonle training guestshouse as a room attendant. With the salary she gains from employment, Srey Vet allocates some to send back home to help family and her sibling for further education and some for her own to study extra English in Kratie Town. In the future Srey Vet wants to be a manager for a guesthouse.

Since 2017, Le Tonle has provided skill development and employment opportunities to approximately two hundred vulnerable youth from Stung Treng and Kratie provinces in which 50% of them are female. Currently Le Tonle is working with Swisscontact to provide a three month full time hospitality certificate training to unemployed youth targeting 120 people between 2018 – 2019.

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