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[thb_bigtext]At the end of the school year, the study tour is carried out for the staff and trainees of Le Tonle Tourism Training Center (TTC) in order to strengthen their knowledge and understanding and to seek for employment opportunity after their graduation.[/thb_bigtext] On 10 – 11th of September, Le Tonlé team from both Stung Treng and Kratie and all the 18 trainees participated in the study tour to Ratanakiri province.

On the first day of the tour, the team visited a new opened bungalow resort “Ratanak Resort” which located 5 km north of Banlung Town. The students had an opportunity to study the resort facilities and service and also its management approach. Five trainees were selected to work with the resort base on their skill development in elective course at the end of the school year. The following trainees will be working with the resort after their graduation:

  1. Sa Bopha: Waitress
  2. Ngel Sokheoun: Waitress
  3. Kha Soy: Housekeeper
  4. Tel Putheara: Waiter
  5. Ret Vichara: Housekeeper

On the same day of the tour, another 9 trainees were invited to have a walk-in interview with Terres Rouges hotel in Banlung Town. Five out of 9 trainees will be selected to work in the hotel as receptionist, waiter and cook assistant.

On the last day of the tour, the trainees and the staff members visited Yeak Loam lake in order to conduct a small study on environmental impact of tourism on the lake. The trainees were divided into two groups to collect primary data from the community to complete their study topic and report to the center in the following week.

Everyone did enjoy the tour because they have learnt new more things in tourism industry and especially the opportunity to meet and discuss with their potential employers on their employment opportunity after graduation.

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