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[thb_bigtext] On Friday 14th November 2014 Le Tonlé and CRDTours were proud to join hands and host the opening party of their new house. [/thb_bigtext]

In a traditional Khmer house opposite the already existing Le Tonlé guesthouse and restaurant, CRDTours has opened a new office on the ground floor and Le Tonlé has expanded its guesthouse with five more rooms upstairs.

After a Buddhist Monk’s blessing ceremony, CRDT’s partner in Le Tonlé project, Tourism for Help Swiss, together with CRDT’s Executive Director and CRDT’s Social Enterprise Coordinator officially opened the new building.

Then it was time for the guests to look around the house. Among the guests were CRDT’s partners, volunteers from VSO and CRDT’s staff. People tried the comfortable beds and hot water, walked through the office and read the inspirational quotes on the walls. Generally, everyone seemed very impressed. The decoration of the office and guesthouse and lighting in the rooms were especially praised highly!

Dinner was served on long tables and all the guests enjoyed the spring rolls, roasted chicken and tofu salad. Of course, this party wouldn’t be a real CRDT party without a small game. A lucky draw was announced: in four of the many balloons, decorating the guesthouses and office, there was a prize to be won: either a dinner for two or a one night stay in an air-conditioned room. While some guests looked around hesitantly, there were a few who got the message and jumped up with forks to pop the balloons. Within fifteen minutes the lucky four were able to collect their prize!

The night ended with drinks, music, and good conversation. All in all, a great success for both Le Tonlé and CRDTours. We want to say thanks to everyone who enjoyed the opening party. We are very proud of all the hard work put in by both the CRDTours and Le Tonlé staff. And on behalf of them: we hope to see you soon!

What is new?

In addition to the four existing rooms, Le Tonlé now has a single room, two more double rooms (one with air-conditioning), a large twin room and a VIP double room with air-conditioning and a desk for those  guests that wish to do some work. Just as in the former house, this house also has two luxurious shared bathrooms with hot solar water, and a breezy balcony to relax on.

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