Tourism for Help was founded in 2004 with the mission of providing support for responsible tourism in developing countries.

Tourism for Help does not organize trips or tours but desires to promote tourism at the local level in areas off the beaten track. We put our knowledge and network available to actors working in fair and responsible tourism, so they can organize, open, and be able to meet the needs of people travelling – thus contributing to the economic development of these areas. We have established three training centers in hotel and restaurant operations:

Le Tonlé, Kratie, Cambodia

Tourism for Help is positioned as a unifying platform of responsible tourism in Switzerland (where the headquarters of the association is based) and all French speaking countries. Tourism for Help also has an antenna in France.

Tourism for Help participates in important events related to sustainable development (SD party, international conferences, exhibitions, forums, debates …), with links to traditional media and new media requests affected by the TS (solidarity tourism) to disseminate a wide public advocacy for the sector. Regarding awareness and information given to the general public (including Geneva), we have created: