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[thb_bigtext]In the last quarter of train­ing cal­en­dar, many train­ing activ­it­ies and action strategy were integ­rated to ensure the qual­ity improve­ment of the 18 train­ees before they leave their classes. The three major train­ings and action strategy under­taken dur­ing the last 3 months of the school year were:[/thb_bigtext]

  1. Cre­at­ive Class: is one of the effect­ive action strategies, which embraces a wide range of meth­od­o­lo­gies to encour­age stu­dents to put their cre­ativ­ity into prac­tices and to learn how to com­pete and cooper­ate among them. Class lec­ture, team game, con­test, and team assign­ment are included in this 3 week– length class. At the end of the class, the stu­dents from each group were able to make 10 new types of salad and 10 new dishes of noodle, one cook­ing recipe book and one simple menu.
  2. Elect­ive Courses: aims to provide an oppor­tun­ity in which stu­dents are able to select one of the 4 major courses for their pro­spect­ive career. The 4 courses were designed based on the mar­ket demand. There were 6 stu­dents tak­ing Front Office Oper­a­tion and Recep­tion­ist Work, 4 tak­ing Cater­ing Ser­vice and Res­taur­ant Super­vi­sion, 5 tak­ing Cook­ing and Kit­chen Work, and the rest 3 tak­ing House­keep­ing Super­vi­sion. The 4 courses were designed in a soph­ist­ic­ated man­ner which allowed stu­dents to learn in a broader con­text from the oper­a­tional to super­vis­ory level. Also, exer­cises and role play were included in the train­ing activ­ity to mon­itor the under­stand­ing of the students.
  3. High Impact Tour­ism Train­ing: is another training package which offers stu­dents an under­stand­ing of pro­fes­sional ser­vice work. The three main top­ics in the course include Ser­vice Excel­lence, Pro­fes­sional Hos­pit­al­ity and Best Selling.   The act­ive learn­ing approach was used which con­sists of flash card, team game, poster activ­ity, group dis­cus­sion, role play and video demon­stra­tion. The train­ing pack­age was developed by the Neth­er­land for Devel­op­ment Organ­iz­a­tion (SNV), and it was offered to Le Tonlé through a cooper­a­tion agree­ment signed on Decem­ber, 2012.

Hav­ing accom­plished these train­ing and action strategy, the stu­dents’ com­pet­ency was notice­ably improved in terms of both their soft skills (team work, com­mu­nic­a­tion, team spirit and work mor­al­ity) and tech­nical skills (best ser­vice serving, pro­fes­sional hos­pit­al­ity, front office, house­keep­ing, cook­ing and cater­ing ser­vice work). The effect­ive­ness of the train­ing was reached since the train­ees act­ively par­ti­cip­ated in the struc­tured and well-managed activities.

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