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I am Bopha, 24 years old. I live in Stung Treng Province with my sister and brother in-law. My father passed away in 2010 in a serious traffic accident while my mother got sick and died in 2013. Life became extremely tough from that time. After passed the high school exam in 2010, I had nothing to do besides helping my sister’s family housework and fishing.

I and one of my friends decided to study with Le Tonlé for the interest of looking life skill training for a better future. Having completed a one year training program, I found it is very worthy. I learn what I have never known before like Computer, English for Tourism, Khmer and Western cuisine, and Hospitality. I am a lot better in communicating with people because I have many friends here and I was asked to work directly with the tourists. Before coming here, I felt not comfortable to live outside home and communicate with people; however, Le Tonle has shaped me into another new person who is brave and confident with my ability. What I appreciate the most about Le Tonlé is the project helps the young disadvantage people like me, for example, to have proper skills. I also never forget all the valuable advices and guidance from staff members who are very helpful.

To this end, I would like to covey my thankfulness towards donors- Tourism for Help – who provides fund support the run the training center, and all staff members here who work very hard to provide new knowledge and skill to me and other young vulnerable people.


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