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My name is Champa. I am 18 years old. I was born in the Kralapheas village, in Stung Treng. There are six us of—I have three brothers and three sisters.

My father’s name is Vann, my mother’s Sean. They are rice farmers. I stopped learning fifteen years ago, was in 9th grade. I liked learning, when I did. My favorite subjects were social studies. After I left school, I decided to help my family’s work. I was work in the fields with my parents. I heard about Le Tonlé on the radio.

Being a trainee, I thought that there were a lot of skills it offered: general English, housekeeping, cooking, front office, and computers. I loved to learn these skills. My favorite subjects have been English, computers, and front office. I love our teachers, here. They take so much time to help us with these skills.
Le Tonle has changed me. I can speak English, and use computers. I can make a lot of Khmer food—amok, for instance. I am braver than I was before; I’m more willing to do and say things. I believe myself more capable of learning.

One of my brothers is still working in the community. I really love my brother so much because he is kindly person and also encourage me. When I finish here, I’d like to go to work in a restaurant in Stung Treng and I’d like to be a chef, in the town. I think I could get a good job.

I’d like to work in Stung Treng, because it is near home, and visit my family from time to time. I’d like to be able to help my parents, too. When I have a lot of money I will open a restaurant in my hometown.

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