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My name is Say Chandoeun, I am 22 years old. I am the 3rd born child among 6 children. I have only mother because my father passed away 10 years ago since I was in grade 3. After the death of my father, the family situation was very tough and it forced my older brother to leave school and started to work in the farm.

I finished high school in 2012 and spent a year to help my family farming as I had no ability to continue my study. After hearing the announcement, I become very interested to study here because I hope to get skill and knowledge for a proper work in the future. I was trained in several important subjects and skills which include of Cooking, Housekeeping, Catering, Hospitality, English and Computer. I have a lot of improvements in terms of my ability and manner. I become independent and mature because I had to live far from the family and share a house with other 9 friends. What I love the most about the program is it provides the full scholarship for the poor to get tourism and hospitality skills. I am very excited to get employed by a hotel in Ban Lung Town soon after I finished my training school. If I did not have chance to study here, I would be unemployed and worked very hard in the field.

I would like to pay my thankfulness toward Tourism for Help who provides fund support to run the center and the staff members of Le Tonlé and CRDT who always helps and train me to be another better person with skill and knowledge.


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