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I am Cholsa, 19 years old. I come from a rural village which is located about 40 km northwest of Stung Treng Town. My parents are farmers and I have 9 brothers and sisters. I dropped school at grade 9 in 2012 because I wanted to help my family in the farm so that I can earn extra to support my elder brother and sister to continue their study. Because I really need proper skills for my future, I was very passionate to apply into this training program.

I study several essential skills with the training center including Cooking, Housekeeping, Catering, Hospitality, English and Computer. I found a big difference after having joint the training program for a year. I know a lot of friends here unlike when I was at home, and I learn to live in a harmony way with other people. I also have more understanding of tourism and hospitality. I love the training program here because it assists less educated people like me to get adequate skills for future career. The trainers have put strong effort in their work. At the end of the school year during our study trip, I had a chance to interview with a boutique hotel in Ban Lung and I was selected to work as a housekeeper there. I was extremely excited to get a job soon after graduation so that I can help my family by sending some cash for them.

At the end I would like to pay my deep gratitude towards donors who provide fund support to have the center operated until today to serve the benefits of the poor. I also never forget to thanks all the staff members who being so supportive since the first day until I get a job and further. I strongly hope that Tonlé will grow bigger in the near future to help as much as young disadvantaged people it can.


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