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I am Dyna, 20 years old. I come from a rural village about 70km northeast of Stung Treng Town. My dad passed away since I was 5 then all the family burdens are my mother’s responsibilities. I quitted school at grade 8 because the school was very far and I had many housework to do to help the family. I applied to study with Le Tonlé because I want skills in English and cooking.

Not only I gain important skills and knowledge related to tourism and hospitality here, but also I learn to live with other people in the same training program. I know how to cook different food, to serve guests, to prepare guestroom and communicate in English. I become braver as I was required to work directly with tourists. After finishing my 1 year training, I plan to start up my own small food and beverage business in my community so that I can live with my family and support them. What I love the most about this center is the tourism related training skills which I can use to earn for a living.

To this end, I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to the donors and staff members who being so passionate to help disadvantaged youth to get proper skills and employment. I want to see Tonlé grows in a sustainable manner to help more and more people in the region out of poverty.Dyna

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