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My name is Tel Putheara, I am 24 years old. I come from a rural village northeast of Kratie Town. I failed my high school exam in 2008 then I quitted the class due to family’s economic constrain. After leaving school, I helped my family in the farm until I enrolled in the training program provided by Le Tonlé. I am interested to study with Le Tonlé because I want a life skill and get a job in the future.

In the center I was trained several subject courses such as English, Computer, Cooking, Catering Service, Hospitality etc. There are a lot of differences after I have been here for a year. I am able to communicate in English with foreigner and I have a better understanding about tourism, guesthouse and restaurant operation and cooking skill. I also become flexible, open minded and tolerance towards people around me. What I love the most about Tonlé is that it helps the poor to get skill for decent work. I get employed from Ratanak resort in Ratanakiri Province as a catering staff after I finished the Restaurant Supervision from the center. I am very happy to get job offered, it’s over my expectation. With my employment I would be able to save both experiences and cash so that I can start my own dream business in the future.

I would like to express my thankfulness to the donors who support the operation of the training center which greatly help to lift up the livelihood of the young vulnerable youths like me. In the future I would love to see Le Tonlé become bigger so that it can help more people in the region.Puthera

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