My name is Samit. I was born in Sreteart village, Domreypong commune, Chhlong district, Kratie province and I am now 21 years old. I have 6 siblings; three brothers and three sisters. My family are all farmers. I stopped studying at ninth grade because my family had financial issues. I decided to find a job in order to support my family but I couldn’t get a job because my education was very limited. I had various problems in my life.

Fortunately, Mr. Phorn told me to study at Le Tonlé Center. He works at CRDT and is a very kind person. After my family heard about Le Tonlé Center my family and I were very excited. I wanted to study at Le Tonlé so much because I hope that I will have a chance to develop myself and my village in the future. I wanted to resolve my family’s financial issues. How could I do it? I didn’t expect to get a scholarship from Le Tonlé because they have many students registering there but in the end they gave me a one year scholarship.

When I’m finished here, I’d like to be a chef. I’m not sure where yet but I want to work in Kratie province, this is my homeland. I’m happy with what I’ve learned from Le Tonlé center—I have a lot of skills in hospitality in computers, in front office and in customer service as well as cooking, and housekeeper.
In my free time, I also read newspaper, cooking book, and I sometime watched movies and listen music.
When I have a good job I will earn money because I would like to have a small business in my village. Then I want to have a family.