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I am Sokheoun, 22 years old. I am from Takeo Province where I lived with my widow mother and other 7 siblings.  I finished grade 12 in 2013 but my family could not afford me for higher education in university. I decided to apply to study with Le Tonlé because I really want develop skills in tourism industry for good a job in the future. I am currently working as a service attendant at Ratanak Resort in Ratanakiri town.

In the training center I acquired several important skills training which I never known before such as General English, English for Tourism, Hospitality, Cooking and Housekeeping. I found myself a big improvement after spending one year studying here. A part from the skill I’ve mentioned, I’ve learned how to live with other people and understand how big the world is. Moreover, I have become independent and mature through the training program and the new lifestyle here. What I love the most about the program is that I feel very warm to be here since all staff member treats everyone like their family, not only work to provide skills but emotional support, I feel like home to be here in short.

At the end, I would like to convey my deep appreciation towards donors and all staff members here who always put their strong effort and very patient to strengthen every trainee’s ability. In the future, I would love to see Tonlé project become bigger which can reach more poor people in the region.


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