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My name is Sopheap, I am 21 years old. I am now a receptionist in a newly open hotel – Green Platue, in Ban Lung Town. My parents are farmers but I have been living with my widow sister since I was in primary school. My sister takes full responsibility for the family. I finished high school in 2012 but I had no any mean to continue my further education like some of my friends so I had to work in the farm with my parents and do some fishing.

In 2013 after passing the entrance exam, I started the training with Le Tonlé. I learn several necessary skills such as General English, English for Tourism, Cooking, Housekeeping and Catering Service. I had limited knowledge and skill before I came here but now I know many more things especially tourism and hospitality. I also have a positive change in my personality. I become open minded and more flexible. Moreover, the training center also helps me to develop my own CV so that I can find a job after graduation. What I like the most about Le Tonlé are the manager and its management. They shape all students to become better people by providing not only skill and knowledge but also sharing experience and giving advises and guidance for health growth. I also love the subject courses provided here too. If I don’t have chance to study here, I might become a farmer working very hard in the field or sell my labour in the construction site.

I am very grateful for the opportunity provided by Tourism for Help and Tonlé Project. They give me a lot of important things until I get employed after graduation. I wish in the future that Le Tonlé become bigger so that it can help to bridge more people with work opportunities.


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