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I am Soy, 21 years old. Nowadays I work in Ratanak Resort in Ratanakiri Province as a Housekeeper. I finished high school in 2012 but I did not go for further education because my family is poor. From 2012 – 2013, a year before I stared the vocational training with Tonlé, I worked in soy bean farms with my elder sister in exchange with 17,000 riel in cash (4.25 USD) a day. The life was tough at that time. Sometimes, I also went to fish with my brother or father along Mekong river so that we can have fish to sell in the market.

Soon after hearing the announcement for the training, I had applied to study here with one of my friends. Spending a year in the training program, I notice a very good progress within myself in terms of skill development and attitude. I learn how to cook, serve, communicate and make up the rooms. Moreover, I also know how to calculate incomes, expenses and use computer. The most important thing I’ve ever learned from this place is to live independently as I have never lived far from family before. Because of the training program required me to also study in Kratie, I started to learn how to live far from my family and this has prepared me to be able to work in another town after graduation. What I love the most about the center is it makes me become a far braver person. If I had no chance to be here, I would spend my hard time in the field or in the river to support my life.

Finally, I would like to express my profound thanks to the center including donors and staff members who provided me opportunity to build my capacity and always taking care of me. I learned a lot of new things here and they helped me to earn for a better life. In the near future, I hope, Le Tonlé can help a lot more poor people to acquire proper skills for decent jobs.


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