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My name is Sreyneang, I am 18 years old. I come from Sambo district northeast of Kratie Town. My parents are famers and they do paddle rice and cassava. I have 8 siblings and 7 are under family’s burden. I dropped school when I was in grade 10 in 2010 because my family could not afford for my education. After dropping school, I stayed at home doing some housework and sometimes I went to work in tobacco plantation to earn extra income for the family.

I heard the announcement from my relative so I decided to apply to study here since I want skills and knowledge for a better paid work. Participating a one-year training with Le Tonlé, I absorb several important skills such as Cooking, Housekeeping, Catering, English and Computer. I also develop a positive behavior towards team work and learn to live with different people who come from various places. What I love the most about Tonlé is that it provides me skills and knowledge that I have never known before, it helps me to get a decent work and it shapes me into a better person. At the end of the school year, I chose housekeeping as my elective course because I found a good demand for this profession. If I don’t have chance to study here, I might stay at home, I might not know the outside word.

I’d like to dedicate my heartfelt thanks towards donors and staff member who are always being very helpful and enthusiastic to work with young disadvantaged people like me and my classmates. I wish Tonlé develop itself to be a bigger training institute which can help a lot more people in the near future.

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