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I am Tola, 19 years old. I live in Stung Treng province with family of 7 members. I left school when I was in grade 7 because my family is poor so I need to help them in the farm or sell my labor in cassava or rubber plantation.

After I heard the announcement via the local radio, it drove my thirst to apply to take a one year course with Tonlé in order to develop a proper skill for my prospective job. Before starting here, I had no any skill – I can’t not cook or serve food. Since I began the course, day by day, I absorb several important skills in tourism and hospitality especially cooking, housekeeping and catering service. I also change my attitude in living, I realized how important it is to live independently, to respect and to live with different people. It is more than happy that I was selected as a chef assistant in the biggest boutique hotel in Ban Lung Town after having a walk-in interview during September.

I would love to express my profound thanks towards everyone in Tonlé project include donors and staff crews who always been very supportive. I wish that Tonlé will grow bigger in the near future so that it can help more disadvantaged people like it has helped me.


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