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My name is Vichara, I’m 21 years old. I quitted school in grade 9 in 2009 after I had a sever traffic accident. As soon as I get information about the training opportunity from CRDT staff who works in my village, I was inspired to take the course with Le Tonlé.

I took several important courses with the center such as English, English for Tourism, Cooking, Hospitality and Housekeeping. A year I have spent here marks me a big difference. I can communicate in English and use computer. I am also able to serve and cook food, and prepare guest rooms. On top of those important skills and knowledge, I also develop a positive attitude. I tried to study and work hard here because I understand that this place is to educate people and can bring me a better future. When I was at home, I was furious but now I am open minded, patient and learn to live with different people. What I love the most about this project is that the center changes me into a far better person. Imagine that if I don’t have an opportunity to study here, I might joint with the gang group and doing something bad.

I would love to express my profound thanks towards donors – The Tourism for Help – for supporting the run of the training center and everyone in Le Tonlé who is being helpful and supportive. In the future, I want to see the training center grow bigger which can help a lot more people to bridge them with decent works.Vichara

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