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I am Bot Yary, 21 years old and I’m the 3rd child among 4 siblings. I come from a rural farm village south of Kratie Province. I applied for the training program soon after I had finished high school in 2013 because I had no ability to continue my further education at university.

In the training center I studied and absorbed a variety of new knowledge and skills such as English, Computer, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Cooking and Catering. I found some big differences in terms of my attitude and skill development. I noticed that after having participated in the training program, I become braver to communicate with tourists and foreigner as a result of my English language improvement. I also worked and studied harder in order to achieve the best results in classes. Moreover, because I had to share a house with other 7 students, I’ve learnt to live and work in team and this led me a mature person. It was a very excited moment for me and my family that I was selected to be a receptionist at Terre Rouges Hotel in Ratanakiri Province at the end of the training course. I was invited to have a walk-in interview during my study tour and I was notified I was successful a few days later. I used what I’ve learned from Le Tonlé, especially the Reception and Front Office Supervision knowledge that I acquired in my elective course to persuade the interviewer that I was qualified for the job. Imagine that if I did not apply to study with Le Tonlé, I would work very hard in the rubber plantation for 15,000r/day or become an unskilled worker elsewhere.

Finally, I would like to pay express my deep gratitude toward the donors and staff member of Le Tonlé project who have been very kind and helpful during my training there. All of them have put very strong effort to guide me to become a better person.Capture

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