The Start of 2018 at Le Tonle and CRDT Tours

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After months of renovation, three more tastefully beautiful rooms (2 twin deluxe, 1 double deluxe) will be ready by early February 2018. Le Tonle team and our French volunteer, Emma Barry, have worked together
on the final touch to ensure that the new rooms will provide our customers a comfortable and pleasant stay. In each room, we use local bamboo and hand painting to add extra beauty along with high quality of bed and
private bathroom.

RESTAURANT – Biodegradable Take-away rice boxes

We had used foam boxes to pack our takeaway food. Fortunately, now we know EcoSense Cambodia who produces and supplies food box and other cutlery made from sugar cane and corn starch. With some distances from Phnom Penh to Kratie to transport those lovely biodegraded rice boxes and cutlery, Le Tonle expects to 100% use them from 16th January, 2018. These products can decompose back into the nature like other organic waste. Le Tonle is willing to pay extra cost to make our planet greener. Will you joint us to save our planet by reducing plastic wastes?

CRDTours – New bicycle tours

For 2018 CRDT Tours aims to promote environmental friendly tour activities which align to its mother NGOs mission (CRDT). Therefore, we are going to have a lot of bicycle tours around the Mekong Discovery Trail. Our trip takes from half day to 2 night trip staying in the home stay by bicycle. There are trail to the South of Kratie Town visiting to Koh Jraeng village, Koh Trong and to the north visiting the dolphin pool, 100 pillars pagoda and Koh Phdao community based ecotourism site. We are provide a good quality mountain bike and we are the first to invest in this kind of bicycle to promote bicycle tour around the Mekong Region.

LE TONLE LIFE – French lessons

Since this month our new french volunteer give french lesson to the Le Tonlé staff. Lot of our customers are french and we try to improve ourself in French language for welcome you even better.

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