Workshop on Le Tonlé Operation Manual

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On Thursday June 12th 2014, Le Tonlé Tourism Training Center held a discussion workshop to collect inputs from practitioners and CRDT staff members to finalize the « Operation Manual » document of Le Tonlé Guesthouse and Restaurants.

The workshop was held in 3 main stages to effectively collect technical inputs and feedback from participants :

– Pre-workshop:

  • Participants read the manual prior to the workshop to identify any error in term of structure and composition
  • Participants analyze the manual prior the workshop to identify the gap of the day to day operation

– During workshop:

  • Participants report the errors to be justified
  • Participants suggest technical inputs
  • Author collect errors and technical input from participants to be justified during the workshop

– Post workshop:

  • Revise the operational manual to be used after collecting error and inputs from the workshop

Twelve participants from various background and expertise participated in the workshop to discuss on the content and structure of the manual. The workshop was conducted with friendly environment and fruitful results.

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